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News and Updates
February 13, 2014- Preliminary testing and configuration of the new image gallery software is now complete. The site's general look and feel has been altered as well. The old style photo pages have been de-commissioned. Check it out! There are also some new images. More to come.
February 10, 2014- I have begun testing of new photo gallery software. This software will allow me to streamline the photo addition process. There are plans to eventually allow direct user submissions. Stay tuned for more details.
February 9, 2014- New addition to the Articles page. ALCo-GE Engineer's Manual for RS units and S units. Also on the articles page are two manuals for the ALCo-GE 44 Tonner (more commonly known as just the GE 44 Tonner.)
February 8, 2014- A bit of restructuring within the site. As you can see now, the news is presented to you here. This simplifies the process and minimizes the number of mouse movements that you have to make to see what is up and coming.
February 6, 2014- My images from November 14th, 2014 are now up. Stay tuned for more.
February 3, 2014- The Articles page is back up. Railpace Newsmagazine has given me permission to post selected pages of the December 1988 issue in PDF form. Enjoy!
February 2, 2014- Updated LAL Locomotive Roster page.
February 1, 2014- is officially launched. Visit us for everything related to the Livonia Avon Lakeville Railroad Company and it subsidiaries including the Bath Hammondsport Railroad Co., the Western New York Pennsylvania Railroad Co., and the Ontario Central Railroad Co.

January 31, 2014- Mike Roque's Images were uploaded. His pictures include some great shots of LAL 424 and 420 from our November 2014 Chase.

January 30, 2014- Dave Scheiderich's images of the Traveller have been posted. Look for more of Dave's great work to appear on in the future.
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Also, the Articles page has been temporarily been closed down pending a permissions request to the publishers of the articles that I had posted in excerpted form. Additionally, a link has been added for Greg Graves' MSN Group.

January 28, 2014- The word Railfan is added to the site banner at the top of each page. This was done to make it more clear that this website is not affiliated with the Livonia Avon Lakeville Railroad and also to make it know that this is not the official corporate website for the LAL.

The Livonia Avon Lakeville Railroad is a shortline located near Rochester, NY. For more information on the railroad please visit their website at 2014

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